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Soldiers of Destiny

Soldiers of Destiny

This DVD set has two programs that are award winners from the Houston Worldfest International Film Festival. Out of 4500 entrants, these programs won two annual back-to-back awards for creativity. Those stories are the WWI portrayal of Dr. John McCrae, the Canadian physician who wrote the epic poem In Flanders Fields. The other award winner is The Dorchester Story. Dick tells the story of the sinking of the troop ship Dorchester off the coast of Newfoundland, and how the four chaplains on board gave their life vests to others, before going down with the ship. The narrator tells how one of the chaplains' gave him a vest and the chance to live. (Kleenex alert for this program)

The other six programs are first-person presentations of: The Centurion of Matthew 8, Longinus at the Cross, Cornelius, The Philippian Jailer, Claudius Lysias of Jerusalem, and Julius who was Paul's guard during the shipwreck on Malta. These programs were done in green screen using original art and music.

Each program runs about 30 minutes. Background materials on each character/presentation, along with discussion starter questions, are downloadable at They are free. Go to "Free Stuff" Resources page.

An Extra Note: 75% of income from these three DVD sets and from Dick's biography go to student aid at Christian schools. Your purchase helps you and others too.

Price: $25.00