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Booking Information


Schedules are always changing, so it is best to make direct contact by e-mail or phone to discuss your specific needs.


Presentations can be tailored to meet your specific needs and time frames. Each character takes about 30 minutes, but can vary according to your schedule. Discussion periods, if desired, can be added.


Fees will range from the base of $300 and up, depending on the number of presentations, the venue, and number of days involved.


You will need to cover above the basic fees are:
Air travel, lodging, airport parking, and any additional baggage fees, will be charged at actual cost.


Mileage is at .40 per mile if the venue is within reasonable driving distance, and/or including to and from the Denver airport for flights, as needed.


Perdeim rate is $37 per day when full meals are not provided in the contract.

All specifics and details will be drawn up as an official contract between your organization and Dr. Stenbakken, with payment in full due at the time of the presentation/s. A $250 cancellation fee will be part of the contract, and is charged only if the cancellation is less than 30 days before the scheduled event.

Interested in booking a live presentation? Visit the booking page.